Debby and Gary are practising artists. You can see their work at: and  

A recent participant wrote

'I took the half day printmaking classes with Debby in her studio while staying at Sockbridge Mill. For the classes I took it was just Debby and I. I really enjoyed both classes. It felt relaxed and Debby gave me space to generate my own ideas as well as guiding me through the process every step to produce some prints from blocks that I had cut patterns out of. The first class involved learning lots of new techniques such as selecting colours, using them to screen print onto paper and then choosing how to combine other patterns. We worked together looking at the images as they came out, and it was really enjoyable to discuss these with Debby. The second session was very enjoyable. Debby encouraged me to build on what I liked from the previous day, and I decided to work on some of the existing blocks with more detail and to layer them so it looked like the landscape was presented in different levels of perspective. I chose to work all in blue to reflect the scenery of the water, rushes and mill that had inspired me. The second class felt satisfying because Debby guided me to build on my skills from the previous day and I now have several prints that I am happy with and I may frame one or two of them! Working with Debby was a treat. Her studio is inspiring and her art work on the walls helps you to see what printmaking can look like and to give you ideas. She was warm and welcoming and we found ourselves getting into a rhythm and enjoying the time together'.